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Durata corso 3 years
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Course description

How to sign up

Are you interested in enrolling or requesting more information on the Degree Course in Motor Sciences? You can fill in the admission request, we will call you back to provide you with information and assistance.

The educational objectives

The graduate in Motor Sciences will be provided with the skills related to the management of motor activities of an educational, adaptive, playful or sporting nature, finalizing the latter to the maintenance, recovery and development of the motor skills of the subjects concerned. In addition, the graduate will be able to use a language of the European Union and will carry out during the course of study training internships at sports facilities, organizations and companies. Relations with CONI are underway for internships and internships.

Job opportunities

The Degree Course in Motor Sciences prepares for the professions of: instructors of non-competitive sports disciplines, organizers of events and sports facilities, sports observers, coaches and sports technicians.

Payment of installments

Payment can be made in a single solution, the cost of the fee is € 2,000.00 with our agreement. It is possible to divide the payment into two installments, the first to be paid upon enrollment and the second by March 31st. The student who enrolls after the academic year has already begun, will pay the second installment no later than 30 June.

The duration of the course

The Degree Course in Motor Sciences has a duration of three years and includes 180 credits.

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