Business Administration

Business Administration

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Durata corso 3 years
Località Italia
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Course description

How to sign up

To enroll in the Degree Course in Business Administration, fill out the admission form, we will call you back to give you all the information about it.

The educational objectives

The didactic path of the Degree Course in Business Administration, in addition to providing an excellent preparation in the economic and business disciplines, offers an adequate multidisciplinary training. In fact, the course aims to train graduates who are able to carry out managerial, consultancy and entrepreneurial activities, in the context of private and public organizations, who are able to operate in real and financial markets.

Job opportunities

The professional outlets are wide. Graduates can be placed in public and private organizations and in consulting firms. Furthermore, as per current legislation, it will be possible to practice the free profession of accounting expert.

Payment of installments

The payment of the fee of € 2,000.00 can be made either in a single solution or divided into two installments. For groups affiliated with the University, economic concessions are provided. The first installment must be paid at the time of matriculation or enrollment in the event of a transfer. The second installment instead, no later than March 31st.

The duration of the course

The Degree Course in Business Administration has a duration of three years, for a total of 180 credits.

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To request more information on the Degree Course, fill out the admission form, you will be called back shortly.

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